About Alltech Prosthetics

You’re Not a Number, You’re a Person

At Alltech Prosthetics we understand you don’t want to need us. We know you would rather go back to a time when you didn’t need prosthetics. While we can’t change the circumstances that cause you to become an Alltech patient, we promise to do everything in our power to give you the best quality of life possible. Whether you’re new to the world of prosthetics, or they’ve been part of your life for several years, we’re here for you. We work diligently to make sure you’re aware of all the resources available to you. From advances in prosthetic technology, to support groups for amputees, to guiding and supporting you through what can be a very confusing process; Alltech Prosthetics is your partner on your journey to rehabilitation.

The staff at Alltech Prosthetics is dedicated to your care.

We understand your situation is unique. We know the prosthetic device your need will impact your life differently than someone else who may need the same device, but lives a different lifestyle. As an amputee you need prosthetics that help you do the things you love to do the most. We appreciate the fact that it’s not just your limb, it’s your life. And we want you to have the best life possible. Most people who wear prosthetics and orthotics will be wearing them for the rest of their lives. This makes it even more important for you to build a quality relationship with orthotic and prosthetics caregiver. At Alltech Orthotics and Prosthetics do everything we can to encourage this type of lasting relationship. We get countless compliments from our patients about how we make them feel special. These compliments tell us we’re achieving our ultimate goal and that our dedication is paying off for our patients.


Our Team Works With Your Team

The clinical staff at Alltech Prosthetics is consistently learning about new products and new technology to help our patients, giving us the ability to choose the best product for your individual needs. While all prosthetics companies have access to the same technology for their patients, they don’t all consider how appropriate the technology is for each individual patient. Some companies will promise the capabilities of the technology without considering your individual abilities. It’s similar to someone selling you a sports car without asking if you know how to drive.

At Alltech Prosthetics we make every effort to match the power of the technology with your potential to get the most from it. We work very closely with you, your healthcare team, and your family and friends who are there to support you. We keep all of them informed about the options, timeframes and processes of providing you with your prosthetic. We offer support, guidance, and hold your hand through the entire process. This is true for your referring physician as well. We keep them informed of your progress so the care you receive is seamless. We enjoy educating physicians and referring partners so they can understand how prosthetics technology can benefit their patients.